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“We believe the best way to economic development starts with giving the people the freedom to choose whatever they need from all available options, connecting them to the world and sharing in the experiences, by so we make life easy and the our world becomes so better”


You are welcome to, the english Cameroon first online vendor for newspapers, Audio & Video musics, E-books, Magazines and more. ARREYBuy is a property belonging to the ARREYB company group, the parent and most highly visited Cameroonian online site for reliable news broadcast. The .platform is designed to simplify  access to quality news from almost all newspaper publishers, access to your most loved African hit songs, magazines and ebooks for motivational purposes, community and personal development.

Why Choose us

01. Security and Trust
Our principal concern on ARREYBuy is security. We offer you a safe environment to shop and sell online, with full comfort ability. With us, you can be rest assured of smooth shopping experience with absolute transparency .

02. Getting your products
As a more convenient way of getting your products (what you bought) on ARREYBuy, we send your product immediately after receiving your payment.

03. Money Back Guarantee
We are deeply concerned about you getting exactly what your ordered to buy. if you do not receive your order products with the set time of delivery, you are eligible to ask for a money return.

04. 24/7 Customer Assistant
Another uniqueness about shopping and doing business with ARREYBuy, is the quality of our customer assistants. Get On-the-Go customer support anytime your stucked or need assistant shopping with us

Frequently Asked Questions

The first step to receiving your item (Product) is to provide us with a valid email address where we can securely send your item for download. Feel free to use any email of your preference but be cautious that it is valid and accessible.

Have another questions? Please don’t hesitate to aks us.

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